Steammodelloco has a main group to help and support builders of live steam locomotives in the Garden Gauges, especially, though not exclusively, 16mm Scale Narrow Gauge.
     We also have a Modellstock sub-group that covers all other garden railway topics.

Steammodelloco includes picture libraries showing the construction and development of specific locomotive designs,
 including among others:
     - Kerr Stuart Brazil, Hunslet Charles, and Bagnall Dennis, all by Keith Bucklitch
     - deWinton Idris by Dave Watkins
     - All designs covered by Brian Wilson's detailed book "Steam Trains in Your Garden"
     - Cracker, designed by Ernest Glaser and supported by Tony Bird
      - Ellie The Steam Tram, by Andrew Allison
You can also seek help with established Standard Gauge designs such as:
     - The Project 'Generic' 0-6-0 4F
     - DEE 4-4-0
     - ARM1G 0-4-4T
for which G1MRA publish detailed construction books.
Most of the designers are active members of the group and will answer queries relating to their models.

Member to member private sales of models, parts and equipment are welcome, but NOT COMMERCIAL adverts, apart from home-builder Parts for locomotives being discussed on this site.
Before posting any Copyright material on this site, please obtain permission from the author/copyright holder.
Please note that nothing posted on our site may be sent to other sites without the permission of the Copyright holder.
      Some material is put on here for the free usage of Members only. Let us respect that privilege, so we don't lose the facility

Photos uploaded to this site are automatically re-sized to minimise the space we pay for.
At the moment, the setting is 1024 x 1024 pixels, enough to fill the depth of a Full HD screen.
     Attachments within emails are limited, currently to 100kb, for the benefit of our rural members with slow internet.
     Attachments larger than that will be visible on clicking a link to the website, rather than within the email.
When applying for membership you will be asked to show you aren't a spammer - we know you understand :-)
Please sign or append a unique name to every message, so we know who you are, and how to respond courteously to you.
     Also please consider putting a picture of yourself into the photo folder.
     It's always a pleasure to meet fellow members in person, for example at 16mm Association and G1MRA events.

On which topic, this Group fields a 'You Can Make a Live Steam Locomotive' stand at every 16mm Association AGM.

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